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Our goal is to encourage elected officials to provide the  protection ratepayers need.
Our Belief is that LIPA political appointees abuse the public trust and treat ratepayers as food

National Grid is is a terrible Manager and LIPA under elected leadership should manage its self. 
Our mission is to replace the LIPA Board with ratepayer elected officials that must listen
to the ratepayers or get a new job. 
Click on the blogers to enter the LIPALies Forum

     to visit the  LIPA Oversight Committee website
Determine if LIPA   is  working in your best  interest

LIPA Rates
can be reduced
 by 30 to 40%
Wires put
its Debt  reduced

Fred Gorman

LIPA local taxes just increased by 9.7%
The recent ten percent LIPA tax increase is just another deceptive maneuver by Long Island school districts and municipalities to tax ratepayers through the back door. Next year LIPA ratepayers will be paying roughly $550 per ratepayer of somebody else’s property taxes.
According to LIPA records Huntington Town Counsel Members and Brookhaven’s Assessor, National Grid/LIPA paid in excess of $67 million taxes in 2011 for the Northport power plant and $24 million for the Port Jefferson power plant. Over $60 million went to the Northport School District and  $20 million went to the Port Jefferson School District.  Internal National Grid sources say the Port Jeff plant operated less than 20 days in 2011 and Northport has not run its oil fed generators at all.  It is wrong to make Brentwood ratepayers subsidize Port Jefferson’s $22,529 per student education when their children receive a $12,863 per student education
for detailed report LIPA  rates can be reduced by 30 to 40% 

Lately  LIPA press is terrible…
Refuses to save millions   Storm damage expenses,  Clean Energy $160 per ratepayer waste, $231 million of overcharges  stonewallingrate disputes,  bond ratings, a chairman who does not believe in his own company  Investigations by the Inspector General  The LI Energy Problem
The Latest LIPA  LIES
  LIPA Bond Rating Baloney To Screw Ratepayers.  
Rate payers are food
Suffolk Co Legislator Ed Romaine Demand Transparent Rates
LIPA & National Greed are killing us and want us to pay for the honor
LIPA under Kessel uses rate payer money for his charity?
The FIX Is In & the 2nd greatest ratepayer rip-off Is about to begin
   LIPA's greatest ratepayer rip-off 
   LIPA's Second greatest  ratepayer rip-off 
 LIPA is an ugly bastard born of political harlots 
 We need to elect LIPA Trustees or we will never see reasonable rates
Comptroller's audit finds much wrong with LIPA
Tom DiNapoli

 State Comptroller’s review of LIPA budget procedures
Baseline Audit of LIPA’s Fiscal Operations
 For a complete copy of Report 2008-S-83
 For a copy of LIPA’s response
 Perpetual loan shark interest only debt 

Since 1998 the CPI increased by 27%. LIPA rates increased by 80%eased

LIPA KWH increased  80% in 10 years
in July of 1998 I paid LIPA 13.6@ per KWH in  July of 2008 I'm paying 21.2 @ Per KWH
Don't use their LIPA fuzzy math  divide  the amount of your bill  by the KWH you used
LIPA's has 90 employees and Salary+Benefit  Cost of $16,118,000
         That's $180,000 per employee
  & see the salaries LIPA's management is getting from us
   & see the LIPA sweetheart contracts that enrich vendors 
No one except  Wall St Tycoons & Energy Barons likes LIPA
Even our

and see what Senator Skelos thinks

and see what legeslator  thinks 

and see what legeslator   thinks 

and see what legeslator Robert Sweeney thinks 

  For the email addresses & phones of all Elected Officials
.LIPA is making you sick

Want to know how sick LIPA is? Have a Question?
And ask the Doctor
Diagnosed Disorders, Corruption, Toxicity, Malpractice

Tell All
Media History
      Video...LIPA is burning toxic oil 
     Video...LIPA Secretes  by Peter Quinn & Dr Carmine Vasile
     Video...Taxation without Representation  by Peter & Carmine
     Clips ...NY Daily News  LIPA Articles  1995-2008
     Clips ...NY Times LIPA Articles 1995-2008

What we are getting from  LIPA- National Grid  management?
Waste of Clean Energy Initiative Funds ($160 per ratepayer)
Rate increases when we buy too much and not enough energy
 Loopholes to avoid Public Service Commission scrutiny 
 More energy capacity then we need
 Unnessary  waste oil burning cancers causing electric plants 
 Perpetual loan shark interest only debt 
Contaminated land fills
 Thousands of dollars of over charges sitting in LIPA banks
 Trustees more interested in enriching their friends the ratepayers
 LIPA Blame Game payments in lieu of taxes (PILOT) 
 Opponents bought off with ratepayer money